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High chromium steel liner

一、Product Brief
High chromium steel liner is similar to high manganese steel liner, which is belongs to traditional lost foam casting liner. It was widely used in iron ore, gold mine, copper mine, cement plant, bauxite mine, quartz sand mill and other ball mill, bar mill. It has excellent characteristics such as impact resistance, high wear resistance and so on. It can effectively protect the cylinder body and increase the grinding strength. It is deeply trusted by users.

二、Rainbow High chromium steel liner and high manganese steel lining productivity table
Rainbow has the casting capacity of 20,000 tons annually for all kinds of cast steel liners. It can be customized according to market orders. Usually users are required to provide drawings for casting according to drawings. General liner do not need provide sample, special shape liner needs to be added according to actual drawings.

三、Material Number and Chemical Composition Table of Cast High Manganese and Chromium Lining Plate
Material No Main Chemical Composition Mechanical properties Metallographic structure
 AK(J/cm²)   HRC HB
LB-Mn13 C1.1-1.5 Si0.3-1.0  Mn11-14  Cr0.03-0.8 S<0.06 P<0.09 >147 - <230 A+C
LB-Mn13Cr2 C1.1-1.5 Si0.3-1.0  Mn11-14  Cr1.5-2.5 S<0.06 P<0.09 >80 - <240 A+C
LB-20CR26NI5 C≤0.2 Si<0.2  Mn<0.2  Cr24-28 S<0.04 P<0.04     <230 A+F
LB-CR20MO2 C≤2-3 Si<0.2  Mn<0.5-1.0  Cr18-22 mo1.5-2.5 S<0.06 P<0.1 ≥3 ≥58   M+A+C
Note Support OEM or customize special liner according to customer requirements.
四、Heat Treatment of Cast High Chromium Alloy Steel Lining
Usually, the process of quenching liquid and tempering heat preservation in box tempering furnace can ensure high hardness, and there will be no quality problems such as breakage and rupture.

五、Cast Steel Lining Packing
Usually, the packing method of iron bar binding or bolt perforation is adopted.
Our company has been manufacturing and exporting cast high manganese steel liners/lining for many years. We have rich experience in production, inspection, transportation and export. We are willing to take high quality products, timely shipment and delivery, competitive prices and satisfactory services as the basis for long-term cooperation. Our goal is to be a professional supplier of high-quality wear-resistant consumables for mines in China.
七、Physical picture

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