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Mill magnetic liner

一、Product Brief
The magnetic liner was produced by Rainbow Company and absorbs a layer of magnetic material (including small steel balls, steel segments and other abrasive media) on the working face of the liner by magnetic force to form a protective layer, which reduces the direct contact between the working face of the liner and the moving media and materials, thus achieving the purpose of reducing wear and prolonging the life of the magnetic liner. For magnetic minerals (iron ore, manganese ore, etc.), the service life of the magnetic liner is generally 4-6 times that of the high manganese steel liner, and it can increase the volume of the mill (the magnetic liner is lighter and thinner, and occupies less space compared with the traditional cast steel liner), increase the processing capacity, reduce the load of the mill, reduce the power consumption, do not need maintenance, and greatly improve the operation rate of the mill.

二、Characteristics of magnetic liner
(1)The magnetic lining has long service life and wear resistance. Because of the working principle and characteristics of the magnetic liner, the liner surface is not directly worn, and the service life of the liner is prolonged to more than 8 times of that of the original, and the wear resistance is greatly increased.
(2)Light weight, thin thickness, energy saving and electricity saving. The thickness of magnetic liner is very thin. It is about 40-50% of high manganese steel liner. It can effectively reduce the load of ball mill, reduce the consumption of ball mill and increase the volume of ball mill.
(3)Noise is low, drop ball consumption. A large number of crushed balls are adsorbed on the surface of magnetic liner. It not only protects magnetic lining and wear resistance, but also acts as a sound insulation. It also acts as a grinding medium. The noise of ball mill is 12-15 dB lower than that of steel-manganese liner, which reduces ball consumption by 8-10%, improves the working environment of module and reduces the cost of ball consumption.
(4)The magnetic lining has fewer faults, and the magnetic lining plate does not need to be repaired. Maintenance-free, can make the ball mill operation rate greatly increased.
(5)Easy to install, not easy to leak pulp, no need to replace for a long time, no or little bolts, easy to install and repair, no grinding bearing bush, no magnetic agglomeration phenomenon, improve the operation rate by more than 5%.
(6)The product can greatly improve the grinding particle size of ball mill by reducing the grinding particle size.
(7)The low price and high comprehensive price ratio of magnetic liner reduce the cost of using magnetic liner to one third of the original cost.

三、Rainbow Forging-rolling Ball Capacity Table
At present, Rainbow company's annual delivery capacity of magnetic liner is 10,000 tons.

四、Rainbow Physicochemical index of magnetic liner
Item                Model     
Standard form Medium thickness type Ultrathin
working surface
Magnetic induction intensity
Surface magnetic induction intensity of single magnetic block(x10-4T) 700-900 800-1200 800-1600
Surface magnetic field of magnetic liner after installation(x10-4T) 600-800 670-700 600-700
Thickness of protective layer(mm) Around30 25-30 20-25-30
Magnetic circuit form Ball mill machine, magnetic liner, protective layer (broken steel ball and magnetic material) form small closed circuit.

五、Installation effect diagram of magnetic lining.
Usually,put it on the pallet.

Our company has drilled, manufactured and exported magnetic liners for many years. We have rich experience in production, inspection, transportation and export. We are willing to take high quality products, timely shipment and delivery, competitive prices and satisfactory services as the basis for long-term cooperation. Our goal is to be a professional supplier of high-quality wear-resistant consumables for mines in China.
八、Physical picture

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