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Rubber Liner

一、 Product Profile
So far, hundreds of thousands of grinders have been used in rubber lining around the world. With the growth of mineral raw material industry, rubber lining will be further developed. Rubber liner of ball mill is unknown in hardware industry. Rubber lining plate of ball mill is abbreviated as rubber lining and rubber lining at both ends and barrel of ball mill. The whole set of rubber lining plate of ball mill are consisted by end lining plate (grille type is grille plate), end lifting strip, center ring (grille type is central guard plate), filler, cylinder lifting strip (also known as pressure strip), cylinder lining plate, manhole door, fastener and other parts.

二、Structural Chart of Rubber Lining Plate for Ball Mill
1、The pulp hoist is used to lift the pulp into the discharge hole.
2、The grille bar is used to support the end liner.
3、End liner is used to protect the end of mill
4、A grille plate is used to filter grinding pulp.
5、Centralism is used to protect discharge holes
6、Cylindrical lifting bars are used to lift steel balls or bars to shock materials into powder form.
7、Barrel lining plate is used to protect mill barrel
8、Packing for connection of end face and cylinder rubber parts
三、Main Advantages of Rubber Lining
1、Low energy consumption, rubber physical density is one-sixth of manganese steel, reducing cylinder mass, thereby reducing the load of the motor, saving electricity, that is, reducing costs;
2、High wear resistance and impact resistance
The rubber liner is specially formulated. After high pressure vulcanization treatment, its wear resistance is greatly improved, and its service life is about 1.5-2 times longer than that of Mengsteel liner. The unique elastic cushion of rubber itself greatly reduces the violent impact force.
3、Low noise
The collision between steel and rubber itself reduces noise, while rubber itself has sound insulation effect, which to some extent stimulates the enthusiasm of employees and indirectly improves the production efficiency of enterprises.
4、Easy to install
Rubber lining is light in weight and does not require special tools for installation. It is more convenient and greatly reduces the downtime and improves the operation efficiency of enterprises.
5、Corrosion resistance
Manganese steel and acid, alkali and salt can produce replacement chemical reaction, which accelerates the wear of liner. Rubber liner itself has corrosion resistance through special process formula, thus prolonging the service life of liner.
6、Saving steel balls
The actual work estimates that compared with manganese steel liner, the annual production of 100,000 tons of mine, rubber liner can save 150,000 tons of steel balls.

Our company has many years of research, manufacture and export of rubber liner. We have rich experience in production, inspection, transportation and export. We are willing to take high-quality products, timely shipment and delivery, competitive prices and satisfactory services as the basis for long-term cooperation. Our goal is to be a professional supplier of high-quality wear-resistant materials for mines in China.
五、Physical picture

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